Frequently Asked Questions

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How often is a saddle found after it is stolen?

We have a 97% rate of finding back the stolen goods.

How long does the device work?

After you register the saddle, the device will work for 5 years. The signal can be found only when registered, so If you register for 1 year, the recovery is only for 1 year.

What can I do when I sell the saddle?

You can pass on the license to the new owner. Contact us and report the new owner to us, we will clear the administration.

Is the license refundable?

Now the license you agree to is the time that the device will give the signal. If you want to add more years to the license, you can contact us.

Can we reach you 24/7?

Yes, to report a stolen saddle, our recovery team is available by email 24/7. For other questions, you can contact us, and we will reply within 48 hours.